Five Essential Mount Pleasant Coffees

No matter what side of town you’re on, there’s no reason to rely on a big chain for your morning coffee. Mount Pleasant is home to several great, independently owned coffee shops, giving ample opportunity to support your community and your caffeine addiction. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite essential Mount Pleasant coffees to help you kick start your day!


1. Honey Latte – Metto Coffee & Tea
354 W. Coleman Blvd.

Drive through Metto (yes, there’s a drive-thru!) and pick up a honey latte. Warm, mellow, not overly sweet, it’s unlike anything you’ll get anywhere in town. If you don’t have to keep driving, enjoy it out on the patio with a house-made muffin. Website.


2. Mexican Fox – Brown Fox Coffee
307 Simmons Street

The Mexican Fox is surprising—almost as surprising as stumbling upon a converted trailer serving high-quality coffee in a parking lot. But Brown Fox Coffee’s tiny space doesn’t confine their creativity. Beneath flavors of espresso and chocolate, the Mexican Fox has subtle warmth from cinnamon and the faintest bit of spice. Order it iced when the weather is warm and take a seat on Brown Fox’s inviting green picnic table. Website.



3. Pour Over – Collective Coffee
766 S. Shelmore Blvd.

Don’t overthink your order at Collective. The rotating selection of Counter Culture coffees are served up with tasting notes worthy of a fine wine. Whether you like “dark chocolate, fig, and brown sugar” or “melon, lemonade, and floral notes” there’s something brewing for you. Website.



4. Vanilla Latte (& Vanilla Steamer) – Vintage Coffee Cafe
219 Simmons Street

Vintage Coffee Café takes attention to detail very seriously. Each drink is carefully poured and measured, giving you the perfect balance of rich espresso, steamy milk, and homemade vanilla syrup. If you’ve brought a little one to play on the vintage pick-up truck-turned-play structure in Vintage’s yard, let them have their own kid-friendly version (steamed milk, vanilla syrup, hold the espresso). Website.

Vanilla Latte at Vintage Coffee Cafe


5. Flash Chill Iced Coffee – Tidal Grounds
1039 Highway 41, #200

Hidden off Highway 41 is Tidal Grounds coffee and their iced coffee that’s smooth, strong and without a hint of bitterness. Made with locally roasted Black Tap Coffee beans, it’s perfect served black or with one of Tidal Ground’s house-made syrups. It’s the perfect way to cool off and get revved up to take on the day. Website.