Now Accepting Nominations for
Town of Mount Pleasant ECO PARTNERS

Over a year ago, Mount Pleasant Town Council passed the Environmentally Friendly Packaging Ordinance. Since then, the Town has worked with businesses and residents to deliver a smooth transition into this new way-of-life. “We are very proud of the way our community has taken ownership to preserve the beauty and health of our environment and want to continue encouraging their efforts,” said John Holladay, Business Development Manger.

The Town of Mount Pleasant has launched a new environment-friendly program – the ECO PARTNER Program – as an extension to the ordinance. This program empowers residents to recognize businesses that go above and beyond to preserve and protect the environment of Mount Pleasant. A Town-provided window decal will be awarded to nominated businesses. 

For a business to become an ECO PARTNER:

  • – Must comply with the Environmentally Friendly Packaging Ordinance
  • – A resident of Mount Pleasant must nominate the business by posting a picture of the business’ packaging; tagging @ExperienceMP and the nominated business on social media while using the hashtag #mpECOPARTNER
  • – The Town will mail the window decal to the business along with recognizing them on the @ExperienceMP Social Media platforms as an ECO PARTNER.
  • – The business’ leaders will be responsible for the placement of the decal