The Mount Pleasant Approach to Business

From stunning natural beauty to low taxes, the best schools, low crime and an unbelievable array of recreational opportunities, shopping, dining and culture, Mount Pleasant is open for business.  With incentives, support and hands-on, real-time help built for startups and smart growth, Mount Pleasant just may have it all – plus, an indescribable magic and warmth we can only explain as: “come on over.”

Mount Pleasant’s Business Incentives

Incentive Documents & Grants

Town of Mount Pleasant Economic Development Incentive Grant

Through a shared vision for future growth and a merger of planning, implementation, and economic development, the Town of Mount Pleasant encourages selective business investment as a key component of managed growth. The Town works to create a sustainable local economy that encourages economic vitality, promotes fiscal integrity, and increases the local standard of living while preserving and enhancing the quality of life of the Town of Mount Pleasant.

The Town created an Economic Development Incentives Grant Program to provide incentives to encourage the location and/or expansion of businesses in the town which substantially add to the tax base, create clean, high-paying jobs, and are compatible with the built and natural environment of the town. Selective business investment refers to companies that can essentially locate anywhere, and are not, or are minimally dependent (less than 30% of their sales or income) on the economy of the Town of Mount Pleasant or the Charleston Region.

Incentives available for qualifying businesses include grants to reimburse for all or part of the following:

  • Municipal Impact Fees
  • Building Permit Fees
  • Plan Review Fees
  • Business License Taxes

The Town has awarded approximately $400,000 of economic incentives to a dozen companies through this program.  Past awardees include Hubner Manufacturing, Levelwing, Westbrook Brewery and Mediterranean Shipping to name a few.

Charleston County Business Incentives & Financing

Charleston County enjoys a reputation as a premier pro-business location in the Southeast, and the robust financial incentives are part of that reputation. Learn more about specific incentives and programs such as statutory incentives, discretionary incentives, and more for your business.

Charleston County Business Incentives

State of South Carolina Business Incentives

The Coordinating Council for Economic Development, established in 1986 by the General Assembly, was formed in response to a general need for improved coordination of economic development efforts by those state agencies involved in the recruitment of new business and the expansion of current enterprises throughout the state. Find grants and incentives through the State of South Carolina for your business.

State of South Carolina Business Incentives

Other Incentives

Other various business incentives are available through a number of entities. Find more incentives for your business.

Other Incentives