The Culture, Arts and Pride Commission aims to improve our community’s quality of life through the appreciation and promotion of cultural expressions, as well as the demonstration of civic pride and volunteerism. This commission shall identify opportunities for the public to experience the arts and to give back to their community through volunteer efforts. 

Mount Pleasant Art Map

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Paint the Town

Using ATAC funding, the city is identifying several public spaces and soliciting artist submissions to transform those spaces. Some installations will be large traditional mural projects while others will be small whimsical paintings that help create a special moment for those who encounter them.

CAP commissioners are also reaching out to local businesses to encourage them to transform privately owned spaces.

Our research has indicated that it is important to select artists who have worked previously on large-scale installations and understand the challenges of weather and irregular surfaces.  If your business would like to partner with CAP, we will vet qualified artists and forward their submissions to you.  The business owner then works directly with the artist on budget and design.  The program is intended to promote public art installations across town and add character and charm to a rapidly growing community.

Traffic Box Art Program

This program aims to promote local artists and to encourage interaction between our thriving creative community and our residents.  The program, which won a Gold Hermes Creative Award in 2018, has a total of 19 boxes wrapped on Highway 17 from Carolina Park Boulevard to Houston Northcutt/Mathis Ferry Road, and has expanded to now include three intersections on Coleman Boulevard and Ben Sawyer Boulevard.  More boxes are planned for the future, so be sure to admire the art around town as you pass by or wait at a red light!

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Art on the Half Shell

This program debuted at Memorial Waterfront Park in 2019 with five four-foot oyster sculptures painted by local artists.  The goal is to eventually have them featured throughout town as another way to foster community pride through the arts while also promoting local artists and Mount Pleasant’s unique creative community. “Art on the Half Shell is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our local artists and unify our town through art,” said Town Council member G.M. Whitley, who was instrumental in bringing this program to life.

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Public Sculptures

Since 2014, CAP has partnered with the College of Charleston sculpture department on an annually rotating display of two selected student sculptures at the pocket park on Coleman Boulevard near Moultrie Middle School. This highly successful program has resulted in several permanent sculpture displays at the Park West Recreation Complex program building, the R.L. Jones Center, and the Mount Pleasant Regional Library on Anna Knapp Boulevard.  In 2019, CAP facilitated a partnership with the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition to install six monumental bronze sculptures at Memorial Waterfront Park. Some of these sculptures will remain in perpetuity and others will rotate on an annual basis.