Special Event Permit Applications

Need a Permit for Your Event?

Any organized activity with more than 25 people using or impacting private commercial or public property, facilities, parks, sidewalks or roadways in a manner that varies from its standard land use requires a Special Event Permit. Please note: all Town of Mount Pleasant ordinances (zoning, noise, signage, etc.) must be adhered to in any event; a permit does not constitute permission to violate any ordinance. TOMP does not permit events involving the Ravenel Bridge. The Special Event Permit ordinance can be viewed by clicking here.

Please fill out the appropriate application for your event type and submit with all applicable attachments and fees to the Town of Mount Pleasant. Each application includes a cover page with information about permit requirements as well as an attachment checklist at the end (these two pages do not need to be turned in with your application).

For events at Memorial Waterfront Park, please proceed to that section below.

Special Event Permit Application A

  • Festivals
  • Parades / Processions
  • Races / Bikes / Walks

Special Event Permit Application B

  • Outdoor Commercial Activities (Tent Sales, Grand Openings, Business Events) 
  • Commercial Film & Photography
  • Nonresidential Private Property (Private Parties, Block Parties, etc. requesting street closures)

Town Property Event Addendum

If you are requesting to host an event on property owned by the Town of Mount Pleasant (other than Memorial Waterfront Park; see below), you must attach this Event Addendum to your permit application along with the required documents described within. 

Memorial Waterfront Park Permit Application

Before submitting a permit application for Memorial Waterfront Park, read the Memorial Waterfront Park Special Events ordinance and the Prohibited Activity at Town-Owned Parks ordinance, then submit the appropriate form.

Fee Payment via Credit Card

Pay Permit Application Fee Online

  • Utilize the option to pay your permit application fee online.  Then submit the appropriate application from above via email.

More Information

For more information on event permits, contact the Town of Mount Pleasant Special Events Manager.

Other Permits

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