Frequently Asked Questions

Accommodations Tax

  • How can my event apply for Accommodations Tax Funding?

    If the applying organization is a non-profit, please review the Accommodations Tax Guidelines. Email if you would like to request an application.

  • Where can I view the 2013 SCDOC Accommodations Tax Fact Sheet?

    The South Carolina Department of Commerce released an Accommodations Tax Fact Sheet in October 2013.

Farmers Market

  • Where can I find a list of the farmers/growers/vendors from the market?

    This information can be found on the Farmers Market Events Page.

  • I am interested in being a vendor at the Holiday Market.

    Our Holiday Market is held in December and applications are available in August. For more information on these events please visit our website. If you have further questions please contact the Market Manager at

  • What is a Farmers Market?

    A Farmers Market consists of a group of farmers who have come together collectively to market their products directory to the consumer. At the Farmers Market you will meet the growers who produce your food.

  • I have never shopped at a Farmers Market before. What can I expect to find at your Farmers Market?

    You can expect to find a festive atmosphere and a wide array of fresh vegetables and fruits. You may also find baked goods, honey, eggs, cheeses, jams and jellies, flowers, and even poultry and beef.

    Farmers Market vendors sometimes change so availability of some items varies from market to market and the time of year. For time-of-year availability, check the crop calendar to see the seasons when items are available.

  • When and where is the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market Held?

    The Mount Pleasant Farmers Market opens each Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. starting in April and ending the last Tuesday in September. The Farmers Market Pavilion is located on the corner of Simmons Street and Coleman Boulevard on the Moultrie Middle School grounds.

  • How can I get Market updates and news?

    Send your email address to the Market Manager at to subscribe to receive our newsletters. You should also like the Market Facebook Page.

  • Where can I find parking and how much will it cost? Is there valet parking?

    Free Parking is available in the Simmons Street lot and at Moultrie Plaza in the designated area.

  • Is the Market wheelchair accessible? Are there wheelchairs available?

    Handicapped parking is available in front of Moultrie Middle School. The paved pavilion is ideal for wheelchairs, and there are ramps. We do not have wheelchairs available.

  • Are high chairs available at the Market?

    No, but there are picnic tables available for dining.

  • Do your merchants accept credit cards?

    Our merchants are individually owned & operated businesses so some merchants accept credit cards and some do not. All accept cash and many accept checks. There is an ATM on premises.

  • There was a vendor I wanted to buy something from last week, but this week I don’t see him/her.

    While most of our vendors come each week, some come only on certain days. Please ask the Market Manager if you are looking for a specific vendor. She will have their contact information and may know when they are expected at the market again.

  • Is the Farmers Market open when it rains?

    We are here each week, no matter the weather. Please bring your umbrella and join us! The market closes only if severe conditions are forecasted or present.

  • Is the Farmers Market pet-friendly?

    Leashed, socialized pets are welcome at the market. Owners are reminded that it is their responsibility to pick up after their pet.

  • Does the Market have a Lost & Found? Where is it?

    If you lose something during market hours, please check with the vendors you visited and at the Information table. You can email the Market Manager at if the market has already closed.

  • Is alcohol served at the Market?

    No alcohol is served or allowed at the market.

  • How do I rent space or become a vendor at Farmers Market?

    To participate in the market please find the application on the forms page, review the rules, and follow the submission instructions.

Special Events Permits

  • Do I need a Special Event Permit for a party at my home?

    No. We do not permit events in private residences. We strongly suggest informing neighbors of the party and giving them your phone number in case issues arise so they will be more inclined to call you than the police.

  • Where can I find a Special Event Permit?

    You can find permits and additional information on our Forms Page.

  • I want to have an event at Memorial Waterfront Park. What is the Process?

    First you must contact the Special Events Office at the Town of Mount Pleasant,, and ask for date availability. If your desired date is available you will need to submit a Memorial Waterfront Park Permit Application. Both permits can be found on our website under Special Events. Please review the Memorial Waterfront Park rules, regulations, permits and fees policy before submitting your applications.

  • How many people can attend my event at Memorial Waterfront Park?

    We have two separate permits for events held in Memorial Waterfront Park:
    Small Group: 25-249 attendees
    Large Group: 250-499 attendees (and Walk/Run Events of any size)
    These permits can be located on our website under the Special Events section of the Forms page.

  • How long does the Special Event Permit approval process take?

    Permits take a minimum of 30 days for approval. We suggest that you turn your applications in as soon as possible. Guidelines are included on each permit application.

  • If I own a business and want to put up a temporary banner to advertise a special or sale, can I obtain approval through a special event permit?

    No. A special event permit does not authorize a temporary sign only. If you hold an event outside your doors as part of the special or sale, then you can apply for a special event permit that will allow eligible temporary signs.

  • How far in advance do permits need to be submitted?

    The times vary based on the type of event and number of attendees. Please refer to the appropriate permit application for specific information.

  • Can I pay my Special Event Permit fees online?

    Yes. You may pay your fees on our website.

  • When does a Special Event require a permit?

    Any organized activity with more than 25 people using or impacting private commercial or public property, facilities, parks, sidewalks or roadways in a manner that varies from its standard land use requires a permit. Please note: all Town of Mount Pleasant (TOMP) ordinances (zoning, noise, signage, etc.) must be adhered to in any event; a permit does not constitute permission to violate any ordinance.

  • I would like information on protesting and picketing.

    All information about protesting and picketing is handled through the Mount Pleasant Police Department. All inquiries please call the Chief of Police Office at (843) 884-4176.

Special Events

  • I would like information about holding an event at the Cooper River Room.

    Information about the Cooper River Room can be found on their website.

  • I would like information about holding an event at Alhambra Hall.

    Information about Alhambra Hall can be found on our website.

  • I would like to be a food vendor at one of your Town events. How do I apply?

    We do not book many food vendors and when we do, they are generally only local, located within the town of Mount Pleasant. You may email us your information at and we will be happy to keep it in our records in case we have the opportunity to use you.

  • I need an Alcohol Beverage License (ABL) for my event. Who should I contact?

    If you are looking to sell or give away alcohol as part of a ticketed event, you will need to obtain an ABL license. ABL license information, instructions, and forms can be found at Applications must be signed and approved by the Mount Pleasant Chief of Police if the event is within Town limits; otherwise the Charleston County Sheriff must sign.

  • I have questions concerning recreation, athletics, or a sporting event. Who should I call?

    If you are inquiring about athletics you will need to speak with the Recreation Department. You may contact the Jones Center at (843) 884-8528 and visit our Recreation Department webpage.

  • I would like to volunteer at an event. Who do I contact?

    If you are interested in volunteering at one of our events, please visit our Special Events page for event information and email us at

  • I would like to complete community service hours at an event. Do you use volunteers?

    We love our volunteers! Please check our website for event information and event dates, then email if there is an event you want to help out with. For more information on community service hours please contact the Recreation Department at the Jones Center (843) 884-8528.

  • Who should I call with questions about the Sign Code Ordinance?

    If you have a question regarding Sign Code Ordinance, please contact the Planning Department.

  • Can an event be held on Town property for the purpose of profit?

    No. All events on town property are only permitted to raise money for charitable causes. Events at Memorial Waterfront Park have separate fees, rules, and regulations.

  • Can public property be reserved for the exclusive use of one group?

    Most public property cannot be reserved for the exclusive use of one group. Access for the general population must be available at all times.

  • Where can I find an Accommodations Tax Application?

    You can find information about Accommodations Tax Information on our website. If you would like an application please email

  • Who can I contact with event related questions?

    Contact the Special Events Office at

  • Who do I contact to check date availability for an event at a Town-owned property?

    You may contact the Special Events Manager at

  • Do you have Facebook pages for Town events?

    We have pages for the Town of Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant Rec, Farmers Market, and Experience Mount Pleasant. Town events are hosted on the Mount Pleasant Rec page. All links to Facebook pages can be found on our website. Like us to receive updates!


  • Can I have my wedding at Shem Creek Park or Pitt Street Bridge?

    If you will have 40 people or less and have no tents, amplified music, or other setup then you can request permission to hold your wedding ceremony. Please email with details of your request. Please not that these are public parks and approval to hold your event does not allow exclusive use and that the public will have access. Approval must be received from the Town Administrator for any group of 25 or more people.

Additional Information

  • Is there a Mount Pleasant Mobile App?

    Mount Pleasant’s Experience Mount Pleasant mobile app is available for Android and Apple phones and tablets. You can download the Android app from the Google Play Store or the IOS app from the Apple app store.