Own a Business? We're Here to Help

We’ve taken great steps to create a healthy, vibrant business community and are proud to provide first-class customer service to our Mount Pleasant businesses. Whether you’re a local, “main street” business, or a large corporation, we have programs designed to help you get up and running, network with your peers, and take your business to the next level. Mount Pleasant is “open for business.”

Mount Pleasant Business Programs & Initiatives

Town Proud Certified Local Business Program (Currently Undergoing Modernization)

Local businesses should be recognized for their investments in our local economy. Appreciating their contributions to our community, the Town of Mount Pleasant is thrilled to provide the Town Proud Program.

This Business Program is currently undergoing modernization to enhance the applicant and member experience. We are hard at work to bring new updates coming soon! 

Local Vendor Partnership Program

We value our businesses and understand that our success as a community is tied to the success of our businesses.  The Town offers a Local Vendor Partnership Program as a mutually beneficial opportunity to support our local businesses while ensuring the quality of the products and services the Town procures.

Through this program, businesses located within the Town may apply to receive a “preferred vendor status” as an approved local business.  This means, in the evaluation of pricing proposals or bids submitted, approved vendors will be evaluated as though the prices offered were 5%, 2%, or 1% lower than actually proposed.  This program applies to products, goods, and non-professional services.

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Welcome to the Town of Mount Pleasant! Once you’ve obtained your business license and certificate of occupancy, you’re eligible for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. At this event, Town staff will provide the brilliant blue ribbon and scissors, and the Mayor, Town Council, and the local area Chamber of Commerce will be invited to attend. While staff cannot guarantee an elected official will be in attendance, a representative from the Town will be there for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. We will also help distribute photos and information about the opening through our media contacts, website, and social media. Watch “Cutting Ribbons, Not Corners”, a 2022 ribbon-cutting wrap-up video.

Ribbon-cutting ceremonies are reserved for new businesses in the Town of Mount Pleasant that have been open for 3 months or less. To request a ribbon-cutting ceremony, please fill out and submit the ribbon-cutting request form below. Ribbon-cuttings are held on Tuesdays at 2:00 p.m. Staff will coordinate with you to find a day to suit your business needs.

Mount Pleasant Business Appreciation Week

You are the company you keep.  As such, Mount Pleasant dedicates a week each September to recognizing our business community as valuable Town citizens. Mount Pleasant Business Appreciation Week is a partnership between the Town of Mount Pleasant and several other local area organizations to champion our unique local businesses.  This week-long celebration is filled with social media campaigns, dynamic events, and networking opportunities, and culminates in the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce Business and Community Expo.



Made In Mount Pleasant Newsletter

The Made In Mount Pleasant newsletter is a new e-newsletter designed to keep Mount Pleasant business owners apprised of business-friendly updates and happenings around town. We know that including another email in your inbox can be overwhelming, which is why we promise to glow up your inbox – not blow up. This newsletter is meant to be conversational so that positive communication exists between the Town and its local businesses.

Around The Town
A local events newsletter that goes out weekly. If your business is hosting a community event that residents and visitors would be excited about, please let us know and we will feature it in the Around The Town newsletter.

Town Administrator E-Brief
Each month our Town Administrator sends out a newsletter updating residents and business owners on what the Town has been working on and future plans.