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Softies 101

What is a soft shell crab? Is it different from a normal crab? How do you eat them? If you are asking these questions, you have come to the right place. Soft shell crabs, or “softies” as they are called in the Lowcountry, are Atlantic blue crabs that have recently molted their normally hard shell. These crabs are consistently growing and will naturally shed their old shells. After molting, the crab will be nearly a third larger than it was before.

Why All The Hype?

A recently molted Atlantic blue crab is very soft to the touch. This means the entire delicious crab can be prepared to eat… and you can toss the shell crackers! The soft tissue of the “new” shell is safe to eat along with the entire crab. Although, the Atlantic blue crab’s molting season only lasts from around Easter (when the water temperature is near 50 degrees) through summer. Mount Pleasant is the right place at the right time for softie season!

How and Where

This limited-time sought after delicacy is prepared several different ways in Mount Pleasant. Pulled from local waters and put on plates, you can find them deep fried, pan seared, and frequently in a sandwich. Local seafood markets also offer live soft shell crabs to prepare at home. See below for a list of local restaurants and markets offering softies. If you notice a missing destination, let us know!

Where To Find Softies in Mount Pleasant!

Mount Pleasant Seafood (Market)

Soft shell crabs are in stock at Mount Pleasant Seafood, but are in very limited quantity and are on a first come first serve basis!

Call (843) 884-4122 for inventory status. Mount Pleasant Seafood is located at 1402 Shrimp Boat Lane.

Ville sainte bistro

Ville Sainte Bistro announced to have the first soft shell crabs from Shem Creek of the season!

Call (843) 388-5778 or make a reservation on Resy. Ville Sainte Bistro is located at 1035 Johnnie Dodds Blvd.

Coleman Public House

Coleman Public House has a unique take: Nashville Hot Fried Softshell! Layered with dill mayo and pecan smoked bacon.

Call (843) 416-8833. Coleman Public House is located at 427 W Coleman Blvd.

Nico oysters + seafood

NICO Oysters + Seafood knows that it is that time of year, mes amis! Try their infamous fried soft shell crab sandwich.

Call (843) 352-7969. NICO Oysters + Seafood is located at 201 Coleman Blvd.

Burtons Grill & Bar

Burtons Grill & Bar now has soft shell crabs in! They offer risotto with corn, snap peas, and lemon butter topped with a delicious fried soft shell crab.

Call (843) 606-2590. Burtons Grill & Bar is located at 1875 N Highway 17. 

The Basement

The Basement has fried soft shell crab entrees and sandwiches! Paired with truffle fries if desired. 

Call (843) 352-9235. The Basement is located at 1055 SC-41.

This list is updated often when new locations come in. Please check with locations for availability.
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