Pitt Street Bridge

Pitt Street Bridge Park

Make The Most Of The Coast!

Former Bridge to the Beach

The Pitt Street Bridge, also known as the Cove Inlet Bridge and the Cove Inlet Causeway, was once the sole means of crossing the Charleston harbor from Mount Pleasant to the beach at Sullivan’s Island. Now it stands as a coastal passage for exercise, leisurely strolls and fishing.

Cast a Line

The fishing pier at the end of the Pitt Street Bridge is a premier spot to catch everything from blue crabs, flounder, bass, trout and more. What makes this fishing spot so popular is location. Cove Inlet meets the Charleston harbor and makes for a thoroughfare for sea life.

A Gem in South Carolina History

Before the Revolutionary War, a plank bridge built on barrels was constructed across the inlet separating Mount Pleasant from Sullivan’s Island. In 1864 the H.L. Hunley crew crossed the footbridge on the way to Breach Inlet to test dive the submarine. A trolley bridge spanned the cove in 1898 and was replaced by a vehicle bridge in 1927 known as Pitt Street Bridge.

Bring Your Furry Friends

Not only is Pitt Street Bridge open to human residents and visitors but it is also a welcoming place for your furry four-legged friends. Always remember to keep your pets on the leash and clean up after them.

Make The Most Of The Coast!

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